In The Zone

Summer 2019.

Well, we ended the Spring with a great INWR wine tour. We always have a good time, perhaps evidenced by the fact that we’ve gone back for about 20 years. Technically, Spring ended and Summer started with our second Zone 6 Grand Tour and it was truly Grand. I can’t thank everyone enough who helped me organize the whole thing, the region presidents and the 10 region tour leaders, and all the participants. If you haven’t read my blog turned into an article on, take a few minutes. It was a long trip on some of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever been on.

We only had a few days off after the Grand Tour before we headed to the Porsche Parade at Boca Raton, Florida. The heat and humidity didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. The resort is incredible and it was nice to see a lot of people from Zone 6. We have a number of Zone 6 members who hold national committee or Parade committee positions. One of them, Kathleen Behrens, was honored with the Zone Rep Award for her service as Parade Registrar. Vancouver Island Region brought home a first place trophy for their newsletter and a third place charity award. Great job! I didn’t keep track of all the other awards won by Zone 6 members in the competitive events. It was a great Parade, but I’m glad we live in the opposite corner of the country.

We recently returned from the Whistler Weekend. It’s been on our “must do” list for over 20 years, but something always came up. We drove to Seattle and joined the PNWR tour up to Whistler. Great tour to a great place. Although we didn’t enter the concours or autocross, we did sign up for the wine tour. Unfortunately, a truck rollover blocked the only road to the winery for a few hours. The first two groups made it after substantial delays, but we were in the third group and decided on an alternative tour. There aren’t a lot of options in such a remote area, but I love seeing the mountains. It was a wonderful event with a lot of history. Thank you everyone.

See you in the zone!