In The Zone

Spring 2019.

Zone 6 was well-represented at the Santa Barbara Treffen, although I suspect some of them were “snowbirds” who had their Porsches down there already. Great weather and tours. Seems like that’s what it took to dry out the Northwest. It’s been warm and dry. Perfect driving weather. I can always tell when the driving season is here because I get copies of all the certificates of insurance for the Zone. Sometimes 3 or more a day.

Other than Treffen, I’ve stayed home at Silver Sage for driving events, even doing an autocross for the first time in years. People still tell me I’m “smooth”, which is really a polite word for “slow”. Linda and I also did a short tour today with about 30 Silver Sage cars. Zone 6 has some of the best Porsche roads in North America.

We’ll see a couple thousand miles of those on the Zone 6 Grand Tour from June 22-30. Each of the 10 regions has done a great job of planning the route and syncing it up with the adjoining regions. Registration ends in 10 days, May 21. 71 cars and 121 people signed up so far with 14 of those cars and 24 people signed up to do the full 2000+ mile tour. We’ll get to know each other well. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up for some or all of the tour and see some of those great Porsche roads we have in these parts.

Next week is the INWR Wine Tour that Linda and I will attend for the 20th or so time. Great wine and even better friends.

See you in the zone!