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2023 NW Passage

June 2023 and October 2023

The NW Passage is the premier driving tour organized every year by the Oregon Region.

The 2023 tour leads from Hood River, OR to Walla Walla, WA, where we will stay for 3 nights.

Day 1: Drive from Hood River to Walla Walla on scenic back roads
Day 2: Drive from Walla Walla to Lewiston an Jet Boat Tour on the Snake river, or for our enthusiasts, a 8 hour drive loop from Walla Walla to Joseph to Lewiston and back to Walla Walla
Day 3: Morning Drive from Walla Walla to the confluence of the Snake and Palouse River followed by an afternoon of wine tasting, or alternatively, a drive from Walla Walla to Joseph and exploration of the Wallowa Area
Day 4: Brunch and Awards and drive to The Dalles, OR

The June Tour is full, tickets for the October tour are still available

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