In The Zone

Summer 2020

It’s June and in a normal year we’d be deep into driving events and tours, but everyone knows this is not a normal year.  So I was thrilled, as were a great number of PCA members, when things loosened up enough in late May that we could start driving again.  The first few are always test cases, kind of like test driving a new car.  I was happy to see that all our Zone 6 events passed the test.  The wide variety of COVID 19 regulations, stretching from mandates to suggestions among all our governmental jurisdictions, added a huge layer of complexity to the normal guidelines for staging a safe event.

In late May we had an autocross, tour and gimmick rally in three different regions on the same day.  All were successful, possibly perfect.  There may have been some grumbling about signing waivers and social distancing, but most understood the need for additional measures.  As Zone Rep, I receive copies of all certificates of insurance for all upcoming driving events  Although I haven’t been flooded with them like I have in past summers, the stream has increased significantly.  I hope it continues until everyone feels comfortable with all of our driving events and we can get back to more social activities that are the backbone of PCA.

Gary Glover and Perci Hala spent some of their “stay at home” time coming up with a new addition to the Zone 6 website.  Click on “Tours” up above and check out the region tours.  Gary did the Canadian tours to show those of us in the States the examples of what we can post.  I’ll prompt the region presidents south of the border to get their favorite region tours posted.  As restrictions continue to be lifted we hope that longer tours with stops at restaurants and other opportunities to socialize become feasible.  I also hope that it will feel normal again to shake hands or give you a hug.  

See you in the Zone.